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''Walking one of the most famous & luxurious shopping streets in the world home to charming boutiques & flagship stores offering pieces inspired by the beauty of Capri Island, having cocktails in Gran Caffe’ surrounded by extravagant wide brimmed hats worn by the modern-day Audrey’s of the world, before drifting into an evening of beautiful food, fine wines & frivolities with the locals whilst circulating the Piazza Umberto until the small hours, then sauntering home at midnight via Church of Saint Stephen, marvelling at the amazing sunset views & breathing in the sea air from the hilltops….. With a lifelong love of Classic Hollywood glamour and the stunning backdrop Italy has to offer, Capri was the perfect haven to stumble across.


Bianka Capri was born in 2020 through the desires of a Capri loving classic Hollywood enthusiast pining to visit her favourite place during a pandemic.

Finding solace in boasting the apparel sourced from the boutiques of the Island and placing souvenirs around her home that were acquired on previous trips, Founder Jo set out to cater to adventure seekers alike, to all that long to visit their favourite place, the feelings that place bestowed on them, and the memories made.

Effortless elegance is the driving influence on the travel-inspired collections & with a united adoration of Capri the designers and creators share not only a piece of the Island but its story too.

It is a feeling, not a place

Our Story

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