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Where it all began….

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Our wedding Day….

Did we overspend – Yes. (Who doesn't right?)

Did I overindulge on carbs the night before having to squeeze into a dress I had cooed over for months – Yes!

Did I regret letting hubby choose the first dance song that was almost 7 minutes long – Yes!

But it was the most amazing day. One I will never forget.

We were just another set of newlyweds heading to the airport in the post wedding glee.

Although unlike most, we had no plans for a honeymoon other than a flight to Naples.

We knew we wanted to see Italy, but that is all we knew.

We hadn’t spent weeks choosing hotels or eagerly anticipating the beautiful shores of Capri island. We hadn't planned luxury spa treatments & had no idea what our honeymoon stories were going to be.

We thought about driving the Amalfi Coast in a vintage cabriolet to begin with, you know – Audrey style. But then figured we would rather lounge beside the pool with Rioja and cocktails and opt for relaxation over movement. (Having 2 young boys at home will do this to you)

So, we packed up the wedding cake and shared out the flowers, we waved goodbye to our guests and thanked the venue cavalry.

22 hours after taking our vows we were on a flight to Naples.

What then? .......

Well, we honeymooned Capri style of course; we ate good food, we drank good wine, we laughed with strangers & we shopped. We took complete advantage of what Capri had to offer, and then some……

I love to reminisce on this day, not just because it was our wedding day, but also because it brought us to such a beautiful place that has continued to bring us so many amazing experiences and happy memories.

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Much Love x

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