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We’re in love with a feeling…….

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

As Audrey so eloquently put it....

‘We all want to be loved, don’t we? Everyone looks for a way of finding love. It’s a constant search for affection in every walk of life’……

And as always – she was right.

We are all in search of that feeling; affection, contentment, and happiness – ‘LOVE’!

But you see, to find & appreciate love you must delve further, and see exactly where it comes from, because love is not only found in a partner, it is surrounding us all in so many ways.

Love is an emotion we feel when something pleases us, when something provides us with pride, hope, excitement & contentment… and that is not always a person.

Bianka Capri was established from a place that gave us a love of a feeling, a feeling that we couldn’t shake off, & one that we keep going back to for more.

One that we work hard to share with you in our blogs, our stories, our Capri clothing range.

From the delicate touch of the sea breeze as we ferry over from Naples, the somersaults in our tummy on hitting the island, the taste of that first cool refreshing Limoncello, the giddy anticipation for all we are about to experience, and the warm embrace from the locals welcoming us in.

All feelings!

On this St Valentines day we ask you to search out those feelings, remember what you take from the love around you, embrace it and appreciate that whether you are sharing it with a partner or not, there is still lots of love to be had.

Over the years Capri has brought us many feelings, experiences & emotions....

excitement, peace, tranquility, carefree lust, empowerment & luxury, to name just a few.

And so you see - there is so much out there, for us to fall in love with, & our message to you on this St Valentines is that Love is a feeling, not an item, a gift, a message & not always a person, so whether you are sharing this day with another or not – do not wait to go in search of these feelings - find them, savor them & share them.

l'amore è tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno

Love is all you need…. xxx

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