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The Island of Capri is one of the most glamorous places to visit

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

With breathtaking blue seas, divine cuisine, designer shopping and a traditional Italian welcome Capri has everything you desire for a glamorous trip.

But whilst luxury, grandeur and beauty are at the forefront of desire by many of Capri’s visitors, on reaching the Island you will also find that Capri has boatsful of history to charm you along the way.

With its shabby cobbled backstreets sitting in the shade of the rustic architecture housing designer clothing and traditional Italian craftsmanship you are immersed into the telling of a story at every step.

By day Capri is bustling with tourists, all eager to share in the luxury and take away a piece for themselves, but at night this is a different story altogether, with a much calmer atmosphere swooping you casually from hustle and bustle into a serene, calming, warm & relaxing vibe.


For most Capri is a day trip, it is an excursion from its neighboring towns, but for us the real Capri is found as the sun sets, as the boutiques shift from bustling with tourists to housing just a handful of visitors browsing on their way home, from squares full of keen travelers reading from their maps to overnight guests relaxing amongst the locals.


We are always planning our next trip to the Island and on recent discussions we found that of all the things to love (and miss) about Capri, more than anything else we miss our Capri evenings, our early evening stroll down the cobbled backstreets, our catchups with the restaurant owners taking a well earned rest after a busy day performing and our late-night luxury purchases made on our venture back to our hotel - sealing the day with one more piece of luxury & stopping at the Piazza at midnight for that final view out over the Island.

Bianka Capri was born from our love of all that Capri has to offer, not just from the aesthetics that Capri proudly boasts but from the feelings it grants the traveller too.

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Our mission is to share that feeling with you, to encase you in its luxury through our beautiful pieces designed, made and created with nothing but the Blue Island at heart.

We miss Capri evenings, we miss the luxurious, alluring & graceful feeling it inflicts on us and we cannot wait to watch that sunset on its mission to envelope us in this again very soon.

Be your desire to stand in the spotlight and immerse yourself in the bustle of Cosmopolitan Capri or shy away for a reclusive relaxing existence whilst on the Island, both are at your fingertips and neither will disappoint.

Bianka Capri, it is a feeling.

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