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THE best pizza you will find on the island.......

Al Capri Ristorante

Located on Via Roma, the main thoroughfare in Capri town, Al Capri Ristorante offers THE best pizza, along with pasta, salad, seafood, and desserts.

This was another unexpected, soon to become favourite spot on the island.

We took our edge of your seat ride in the cab from the port and headed straight to our hotel to unburden ourselves of luggage.

In our eagerness to reach the island from Naples we had skipped lunch.

Scooping up as many tour guides and pamphlets as we could carry from the hotel reception, our first stop was to be food (with a view of course), and here we would plan our weekend.

Continuing our spontaneous approach, just as we started this trip, we chose left over right for our direction and with a 10-minute walk along Via Mulo and onto Via Roma we stumbled across this place.

WOW! What a place it is....

In most restaurants there is a 'best seat in the house' - but not here; take a seat at the window and you have the view of the marina watching the yachts come in, a seat near the entrance and you have the buzz of Via Roma. Take a seat in the middle - you are privileged with a 360 view of both. This bright and buzzing restaurant offers everything.

With fresh ingredients and lots of flavour the menu offers heaps of choice from Pizza, Pasta, Seafood and Sushi - the selection of wine is also commendable (and a necessity).

A personal favourite – one that was still available on our visit 10 years after the first, was the pork and broccoli pizza. Made following regional tradition of simplicity and unrivalled selection this was THE best pizza I have ever had.

I came home and tried recreating it – but no – It would never be quite as good – so, I went back to Al Capri Ristorante and had it again, and again….

It has now become a tradition and sits at the top of my itinerary when planning the next trip.

On visiting Capri, you will find things cost a little more than they may in the capital, that being said - if you are on this magical island to have a nice time - then immerse yourself - eat, drink & soak it all in - it is not a place to do by halves!

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