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Sisa Capri has landed in the UK

Another exciting collaboration for Bianka Capri.

Sisa Capri Boutique, the quaint artisan store situated on the calming alleys of Anacapri have opened their doors to us here at Bianka Capri and welcomed us in with a shared excitement of bringing their pieces here to the UK.

Simona and her team are as eager as we are to showcase their beautiful pieces in our store, ready to entice all the beauties of the UK into a Capri Dream.

With handmade, traditional Italian craftmanship at the heart of creation and a shared love of the vibrancy of the Island we are very excited over at Bianka HQ to work with Simona and cannot wait to explore the Island through her designs.

A unique collection of Handmade skirts and baskets chosen for their Vintage Chic style and traditional Caprese pattern that explores the vibrant colours of the Island.

We know you will LOVE these pieces

A little about Sisa

Sisa Capri Boutique is a boutique store in the town of Anacapri.

Situated higher up on the Island than the town of Capri itself, Anacapri is delicately wrapped in calming alleys housing artisan style shops offering a much calmer, slower paced shopping experience than in the high concentration town of Capri.

Whilst enjoying the less travelled path you are also spoilt with the famous panoramic views at the highest point of the Island from Monte Solaro.


Established in 1962 Sisa Capri Boutique have mastered the expressive levels of true Italian craftsmanship in all their pieces with offerings of stylish and chic true to tradition clothing and accessories for the modern day Audreys, as well as specializing in made to order, personalized sandals.

A passion delicately passed through generations, Sisa Capri offers a combined experience of both glamour and history in true Italian style!

We are very excited to work with Simona and her team in our search of pieces that showcase the Island in all its beauty, and as an introduction to Sisa Capri Boutique we have chosen a collection of pieces that will do just that.

Explore Capri, Wear Capri.


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