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Packing for a trip to Italy.....

You have booked your flights; hotel confirmation has dropped into your inbox, and you are pondering over which excursions to book.

You are ready to mingle with the locals in all their glamorous splendor whilst enjoying Aperitifs with a view over the ocean.

Now you need that perfect outfit to take you from a stroll down the floral adorned shopping streets into evening cocktails amongst the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean in all its beauty.

Our love of Capri comes in many forms, the people of course are the life and soul of Italy, their passion for the sweet life is catching, & when it comes to style the approach is one that caters to all, be it vibrant pieces to honor the Mediterranean vibes or the subtle chic pastels that ooze sophisticated luxury, there is something for everyone.

We have compiled a few our favourite insta worthy pieces straight from our store to give you the inspiration for that next jaunt into sunnier climates.

La Dolce Vita


The 100% Linen Y'Am Cpari Teresa Tunic provides a light covering perfect for keeping cool on your sunny jaunts exploring, providing the chic Italian style that we all adore.


Wanting some colour? Then the Y'Am Capri Limoncello Sara top is for you.

100% Cotton V-Neck, knot shirt with puff sleeves.

Pair with shorts for a classic Italian look or pull out the bell skirt for a dressed up evening look.


A holiday essential.

The Y'Am Capri Eugenia hat is the perfect relaxed staple piece that we should all be taking away with us.

100% Raffia


For the evening Breeze.

This hand-dyed fine Italian Stole is an essential evening accessory, wrapping yourself in Italian luxury is the only acceptable way to move from Piazza to beach front during sunset.


And finally, the essential for all travel & eventualities - the LBD.

Although with a twist, this stunning Y'Am Capri Mariu Poncho Dress requires little more than an up-do and a vibrant piece of jewellery to seal in the ultimate Italian Glamour.

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