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New year – New you? .... Na – ditch that……

You are already amazing. What more is there to do than just continue being you?

I mean come on – you are sat reading our post - which means that you have perfect taste, exquisite fashion sense, unrivalled travel goals, eagerness to feel, hope for the future and so much more……

So, there you have it – no resolutions needed..... thank me later!

Anyway, enough of you - back to us - we have a lot to say, and you can find it all on our blog but only one thing is required right now - THANK YOU again.......

We have loved having you on-board and cannot wait to show you our new collection - available from 8th January, not forgetting our launch collection still available online.


On another note, I would love to be telling you all about how amazing Capri is on NYE – it sure looks it!!!!!

But, I will never write from anything other than personal experience & I have not yet had the pleasure of Capri on NYE, (Don't worry - it has been bumped up the list) so for now, aswell as a big thank you to you & to part from 2020 and welcome in 2021, I would like to give back to all my amazing new contacts and share their stories with you, which are full to the brim of awe-inspiring photographs, blogs, recommendations and experiences, along with the festivities and traditions taking place on the island.

Without these guys I would not have seen Capri this year, so for that – and for their ongoing support, updates, and shared love of a feeling – I invite you into their world, the locals – the experts, the lucky bleeders that get to experience that feeling every single day.

The Gin of Capri

The photos of Capri

The artists of Capri

The perfume of Capri

The weddings of Capri

The villas of Capri

The news of Capri

The tours of Capri

Capri, Capri, Capri

Please, take a look – give them a follow, share their stories, enjoy – and we will see you back here for our latest clothing launch next week.


Much Love x


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