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Meet Valeria

Bianka Capri was established from the love of a place, but the true inspiration and passion came from the love of a feeling that place gave us.....

When I set out on this journey to make a link with Capri, I never imagined I would get this close.

Valeria was born and raised in Capri, her passion & designs came from the stories her grandparents shared, from the era of Audrey’s in the fashion world, from the appreciation of the traditional tailoring Capri proudly introduced.

Each garment is designed with the blue island at heart, capturing the love of the curious traveler showcasing her elegance and beauty, whatever her age.

These beautiful pieces offer pure elegance.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that Valeria and her designs were the perfect match for Bianka Capri.

We are very excited to showcase the beautiful pieces Valeria has to offer during our launch week & we look forward to a journey together - bringing Capri to the UK and taking the UK to Capri.

‘La Dolce Vita’…..


Follow our launch takeover this week on FB and Insta @biankacapri

and shop the full range at

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