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Last minute jaunt? Is it still a thing?

With a refusal to allow any more restriction than is deemed appropriate & safe, the answer is yes here at Bianka HQ.

Does it incur minor inconveniences & bring with it a less sporadic approach to adventure? Yes of course it does - the world is a little more difficult to explore at the moment, but is that enough reason to shelter ourselves away from explorative jaunts? Absolutely not!


Last minute is still a thing, we have ourselves just taken confirmation of our flights out to the sunny Balearics for a well needed break amongst the Menorcan sunset.

So, fear not – whilst we await the green light on the world, there is still so much to see, so much to do, locals waiting to welcome you into their culture.

And as we mentioned in an earlier blog 'We want to go in peace, we want to go with little fuss & we want to marvel in the moment, not the preparations' Read full post

And so, as you make that booking, excite over something new and make that promise to make it count, be sure to do it in style.

And if time is against you, a shopping trip is not in your grasp - rest assured a single piece of luxury resort wear from Bianka Capri is enough to make up for times lost in desired climates.

Wrap yourself in luxury, do it in style – stand out, make it count! and say yes to adventure.

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