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Hotel Della Piccola Marina

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

As we keep saying - it is a feeling, not a place! BUT we must share what this place did to us!

Disclaimer - We are totally biased when it comes to this place. (Sorry, not sorry)

Hang on though - we have good reason....... it was our honeymoon hotel 💞

Delicately hidden on the flower adorned alleys of the island, within a 5-minute walk of Via Roma leading onto the beautiful long and winding Via Camerelle, Hotel Della Piccola Marina was the perfect spot for us to relax and retreat to following our adventures on the island each day.

It was Day 1 - We were tired, we had travelled from the UK that morning and partied for 14 hours the day before. We thought we needed rest...... How wrong we were!

As we approached the reception we were greeted with lashings of excitement from the staff of the hotel. Along they came, in all their Sunkissed beauty scooping up our luggage and bringing us refreshments.

We were to stay in the Deluxe room with a balcony and sea view, overlooking the pool.

We chose this hotel & room with no prior knowledge, as you know from our previous blogs – it was a random choice booking that we found ourselves in purely because it ticked all the boxes of Cocktails, Pool and relaxation…… This turned out to be the best random find we have ever encountered.

One minute you’re on an open-air walk against the floral backdrop of the hotel and the next you’re in a bright airy space with the sun beaming in from the balcony, pulling you in just as much as it pulls you out. It was heavenly.

The room was full to the brim of pure luxury, with a stunning balcony, refined interior and styling that matched the beauty of the island.

Walk-in wardrobe’s, cleanliness that all hospitality should aspire to, style, comfort, warmth, elegant luxury and the most welcoming space to retire to at the end of a long day of exploring.

From arriving at the hotel to unpacking our luggage we already knew this was going to be a very special place for us, one that will fulfil our honeymoon desires and one we will return to.

As we sat, with the sun on our faces, on the cliff edge of the hotel terrace, overlooking the blue sea, taking in this beautiful location & enjoying our first (of many) cocktails we were greeted again by a staff member who had come with brochures, photographs, stories of the island and his enticing personal recommendations for our trip.

We sat in awe at such an amazing welcome and dithered over what we could fit in & what we must not miss – It was all so exciting.

So, brochures in hand, day bag packed and sunhat at the ready – What a treat we were in for.

What next? Well – we got lost in a trance for 3 day’s! We ate, we drank, we talked, we mingled, we shopped, we celebrated, we danced, we walked and walked and walked & walked some more. We took complete advantage of this island - you can see more of that on our inspiration page

And so, after months of wedding planning, weeks of wedding nerves and the journey over to the island without stopping to blink before bedtime we certainly needed a decent night’s sleep and a chance to refresh and recoup – Hotel Della Piccola Marina did not fail us here, with comfort and peace scoring high on their list of many abilities.

A quick shower, coffee on the balcony and another day of exploring awaits, BUT not without a quick stop on the cliff edge terrace. One thing is for sure - it is not possible to meander through the confines of this hotel without wanting to stop every 2 minutes; from chic styling and amenities that leave nothing to be desired you are drawn in at every step on your way out.

Then, another day full of amazing experiences & insights, shopping on Via Camerelle being one, creating that inspiration for our collection & too many more to mention right now – (All will reach you in blogs past or due) and then back again to the hotel to refresh ahead of our evening plans.

We allowed ourselves a couple of hours rest between our day and evening plans and although we were totally immersed in the surroundings of the hotel the poolside could not be disregarded, it was up there on our search criteria back in Naples after all.


So, a quick change and we reached the poolside. We started with a comfortable terrace seat and ordered cocktails from the poolside bar.

3 hours we did this for, 3 hours of delicious cocktails, story sharing with fellow visitors and the occasional dip in the pool to cool off. We found it very difficult to pull ourselves away and prepare for our evening out.

Safe to say we finished on the loungers closest to the pool.

You would think it could not get any better right? But it did, we had the most amazing evening on the island, drinking fine wine and eating the finest food, before moving on to the Piazza and drinking beer with the locals and celebrating our marriage with complete strangers who sent drinks our way when we were not looking. It was amazing!

And so, around 2am (ish, maybe 3…. ooops) we sauntered back to our hotel. Weary eyed and in need of rest ahead of our final day in Capri.

This time, we opted for a slightly later start (Maybe something to do with the local beer?) and wandered on down to breakfast later than we would normally. This did not disappoint, with a rich breakfast buffet with many sweet and savoury options full of Italian tradition we were spoilt for choice.

All tastes and preferences were catered for with this buffet – and lot’s more introduced. It was fantastic and set us up perfectly for our final day.

As we sat surrounded by amazing views, fantastic people and the finery of this amazing 4 star Capri hotel we promised ourselves one thing - We WILL be back......
and we were - on our 10th Wedding anniversary, welcomed by those amazing people at Hotel Della Piccola Marina with champagne and open arms.....

This hotel and its people introduced us to Capri, they welcomed us like we were guests returning for our 100th time, they made us feel at home and provided us with not only the perfect location, accommodation, amenities and service but also took a piece of us to keep.

We returned to Hotel Della Piccola Marina and will again, and should we write about any more of our visits then we know we would simply be relaying all of the above.

We will continue to explore many more hotels on the island but this one – it will always be the first!


Take a look for yourself at Hotel Della Piccola Marina read about the Spa and wellbeing they offer during your stay, shop our collection to perfect your look and fit in with the beautiful Italian locals, go meet the people, walk the open air alleys to your room, drink cocktails at the poolside for way longer than you planned, celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding - find any excuse, because this place is a must-see!

Enjoy, and come back to see our latest collection in the next few days, much love x

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