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Everything is better with a view

It was by chance we found ourselves here, well that and a dimly lit walkway that just had to be explored.

Just one more circle of Via Camerelle, shopping the traditional luxury Italian fashion that provided the inspiration for Bianka capri, onto Via Roma and back to the hotel........

Well that was the plan on this late afternoon in September.

But, the ‘5 minute’ walk from Piazza Umberto along Via Vittorio Emanuele passing Chantecler jewellers, Trucchi Capri, Prada, Chanel, Russo Capri, and Grand Hotel Quisisana was never going to be just 5 minutes.

You do not idly glance as you stroll the backstreets of Capri Island amongst all these luxury boutiques; you stop, admire, see, feel, and fall in love with the masterfully created mix of local tradition and cosmopolitan glamour; you breathe in the feeling.

The feeling that is the basis of Bianka Capri, and one we promise you will take from each and every one of our pieces that have been handpicked from the designers of the island and showcased on our website - Shop with us

So, with a 5-minute walk, without stopping (which let us be honest, is impossible) and after being seized by the scents of Carthusia - Profumi di Capri (the smallest perfume shop in the world - read our blog on this here) and then stumbling into the gardens of Augustus with its flower decked terraces and panoramic views over Faraglioni and the bay of Marina Piccola we were full to the brim of wonderous excitement.

And as if that wasn't enough to take our breath away, another deep breath is required - because directly adjacent is the illuminated walkway that leads you to the rooftop lounge that is Capri Rooftop.

The trendy rooftop terrace bar at Hotel Luna, overlooking Faraglioni and 5 minutes from Piazza Umberto.

Sauntering down the entrance to Capri Rooftop with no idea what awaits us we find ourselves encased in a dreamy low-lit greenery that partitions lounge furniture into areas for both intimate and larger groups, providing quiet corners for privacy and open spaces for gatherings in the many.

As we turn the corner we reach the reception point and are greeted by friendly, welcoming, immaculately styled, and outrageously courteous staff that swoop us up and give us our options for seating - high stools in the centre of the lounge area, low seating in the outer with privacy, cliff side with panoramic views…. it was a tough one, but we opted for high seating in the centre – we wanted to be encased in this place, as high and central as possible to take it all in.

This place was brimming with luxury travelers in search of a special place to relax and enjoy the view from the island, sipping at their signature cocktails, sharing their Tapas, and chatting in both intimate romantic settings and larger jovial manners whilst encased in crisp white walls and low lighting placed delicately to provide a relaxed glow, & with a glance to the left the Faraglioni staring back at you. This really was Heaven!

So, with a local beer for hubby and the Luna Caprese (a must try Limoncello Vodka signature cocktail) for myself, we sat up high, stretched our necks and breathed in the Capri feeling once again.


Capri Rooftop opens its doors for morning coffee and stays with you right through to nightcaps, this place has everything covered and will tick all your requirements, plus some you are yet to know you have….

My parting words to hubby on (begrudgingly) leaving this spot on our first and each visit thereafter was ‘Party …. I must celebrate something here’ and that we will do, very soon.


This place takes Capri to a whole new level, one minute you are swooning around caught up in the buzz of Via Roma with beautiful people admiring the boutique window displays and setting down their shopping bags in the traditional Italian coffee shops, then without realizing it you have stepped into the beautiful gardens of Augustus showing off with its views of Faraglioni, the bay of Marina Piccola and the 100-meter elevation of Via Krupp to then be venturing off track into this illuminated, yet hidden, open space of decadent luxury.

To visit Capri and not walk that illuminated walkway would be preposterous.

We are yet to decide which occasion we will be celebrating here, but one thing is for sure, it will be one that is approaching very soon, and we cannot wait!

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