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Carthusia ..... The story behind the smallest perfume shop in the world..... 💐

Carthusia.... What a treat it was to visit Carthusia I Profumi di Capri on our latest trip to Capri.

A bouquet of flowers picked from the island in anticipation of a visit from Queen Joanna of Naples in 1830 left a mysterious scent that was sourced back to the Garofilium Silvestre Caprese ‘Wild Carnation’...

This was the first perfume of Capri & later the creation of the smallest perfume shop in the world - Carthusia.

Along with this amazing heritage and beautiful story Carthusia now has so much more to offer with a scent to suit each and every one of you beautiful people with products that are created by hand to guarantee the delivery of traditional care. I still kick myself for not having more time to spend here, it is right at the top of my next Itinerary.

Take a stroll over to and read all about the history of this beautiful perfume shop hidden away on the island of Capri.

A must see when on the island..... 💐💕

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