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Buy the Calendar......

Should we plan for a summer holiday in 2021, that is the big question, right?

Dare we book a flight, dare we browse hotels, dare we dream of jetting off?

Yes, we should......

We are a family who have been dealt devastating news in previous months, a family that have taken all precaution to prevent anything close to that again, a family that are thankful, that have explored every avenue possible to remain safe and well.

But we are also a family that refuse to lose our dare to dream.


I shared recently

'It isn't forever, Soon Capri'......

I shared this with excitement, not gloom.


Did I question my timing to launch my business which is based around travel blogs and an ecommerce platform for Luxury Holiday Wear – Yes, of course I did.

In fact, a few times I really gave myself a hard time for what, in the beginning, felt like the worst thing to do at that moment.

But then I realised, my first step on this journey was to research my previous trips in more detail, look back at photographs from previous jaunts on the island, talk to the locals and connect with the designers on the island; prepare to launch, that was all.

However, I got a little carried away with myself. I found myself immersed in the research, excited to review old photos, to find hidden gems we had idly taken for granted at the time.

I started connecting with designers and found myself too eager to wait, too excited to not cement these connections now.

I found a place to go after a long day working in unfamiliar surroundings – (yes, the kitchen table).

& So, we launched!


A trip over to the island would have been perfect around now, how great it would have been to have met the designers in person, talked fabrics, designs and trends, but it was not to be.

The closest I was getting to Capri was a parasol in the back garden with a Limoncello refreshment at lunchtime.

Instead, I toured the island online with the locals. Connections were made. Photo’s shared and updates came in thick and fast. With everything from the weather, upcoming events, ongoing traditions, new season dress patterns, new menu’s at our favourite restaurants and new places to visit..... I even saw Capri at Christmas.

It was all so exciting, and it pulled me right back in.

So, during the madness, and by way of self-care – I medicated myself on my dare to dream. My resistance to be governed by an event that will pass, that we will come out of.

Clearly my husband was on the same path when he gifted me a stay at Grand Hotel Quisisana for 2021! Now that is a blog I cannot wait to write.

So, Buy the calendar – choose a date, move the date if you need to - but never cross it out.

and whilst you countdown, shop your holiday wardrobe with us and follow us on our adventures around Capri island

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