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Bianka launch with Y'AM Capri Collection

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hooray!!!!! We are excited to announce that Bianka Capri is now live and ready to entice all you beautiful ladies of the UK into a world of luxury, inspired by the beauty of Capri.

You are in for a treat with the most beautiful, authentic Italian pieces brought to you from our selection of Italian designers and Artisan stall holders from the floral adorned streets of Capri island.

Bianka Capri is a shopping haven for women who know their own style and love the abundance of Chic fashion that Italy has to offer.

Our Website launch begins with showcasing the beautiful pieces handpicked by us from one of our most talented and Capri loving designers Y’Am Capri….

Along with the pleasure of owning a selection of the handpicked clothing and accessories sourced directly from the island and its capital, Bianka’s customers and followers will be a part of a story and a passion for the beautiful Island and its neighbours……

So, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and have a browse ..... We know you are going to fall in love with our pieces, just like we did…… and heck, you deserve a treat!

Follow our story on Instagram and Facebook @biankacapri ... we have so much more to share with you

Have a beautiful day - and remember, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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