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A post lockdown approach to Travel & Style

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Whilst we are only just allowing the excitement to build for post lockdown life & accepting the freedom & exploration that is within our grasp, we are also very aware that this is the year we need to make it count, this year we are making up for lost experiences, compromised styling, and little reason to be the best versions of ourselves.

Following a year in variations of isolation with little need for exploration in our styling we are finally starting to mentally pack our suitcase, to finally go in search of resort-wear, to consider ‘out out’ attire and seek out pieces that will showcase our glow-ups.

But, in this search we have also found ourselves taking a ‘less is more’ approach to the practicalities, to the preparations & to the usual pre holiday planning.

We want to go in peace, we want to go with little fuss & we want to marvel in the moment, not the preparations.

But, a year without browsing boutiques, keeping up with the seasons favourites & cooing over our friends new finds has us all wondering what should we pack for that long awaited trip.

Where we found ourselves very fortunate to have access to platforms such as London Fashion week Live & Digital Design social forums we were still restricted by what the digital world wanted us to see, rather than us searching out pieces we hold in our style favourites.

Like most we have found ourselves yearning for the finer things, the simple yet timeless things in life that bring us joy and create special memories, taking a calmer, much more subtle approach to planning & avoiding the endless scroll for the perfect place or rare piece, instead simply yearning for the moments we have missed, get togethers with friends, the sun on our faces, romantic breaks, the sand in our toes and the tastes of international cuisine.

And so, with all that in mind, whilst the world has paused, memories have been devoured and dreams have been curated we have worked hard to master our mission - to share in our love of a feeling.

In this mission we have continued our work with the designers & locals on the Island & sought out luxury timeless pieces that allow for a one-of-a-kind experience. Versatile authentic pieces that will prepare you for your next trip in style.

Pieces that showcase you!


This summer deserves the best! And be it Vacation OR Staycation, we know you want to make it count, & so – whilst you pull together the plans and prepare to be amazed again by what the world has to offer, we have you covered (literally) in bringing together our favourite pieces of Chic summer essentials that will guide you (very glamourously) into the wonderful world of travel.

With seasons gone and seasons due - remember - Style takes time, skill & patience.

We are here, with the amazing designers from the Boutiques of Capri to help you curate the ultimate summer wardrobe.


Y'AM Capri SS21 Collection now available online.

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